Affiliate Commission

Affiliate Commission

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    It is a referral program. When you sign up as an affiliate on Success Life and are assigned a Distributer’s ID. Now you have to refer the products links to your website/app. You have to promote our website/products and drive the traffic on website. You’ll get the referral commission when products are sold through your referral link. There are two zones in affiliate program, Red and Green. When a user signup as an affiliate, user will go to Red Zone and when user upgrades their membership for Green Zone, user has to buy some products from Success Life. In Green Zone user will get more commission than Red Zone.

    Affiliate Distributer

    Affiliate Program Distributer get the commission upto6th level. The first level members can add members to the down line and earn an unlimited Commission. Affiliate program allows the higher level distributor earn amazing returns

    Vision of Retailers
    1. 1.Enabling access to a complete range of all products like clothing, Home & kitchen appliances, Security appliances and many more
    2. 2. Making big brands available at low distribution cost model.
    3. 3. Being associated with the largest network of National & International Brands.
    4. 4. Providing all brands at one junction